Employment Law

When you have been denied wages you’re owed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated from your job, or otherwise suffered an adverse job action, you may be entitled to compensation; however, there are strict time limits on filing your employment related claims. Please contact our law firm today to discuss your claim with one of our Employment Law Attorneys.

Our experienced lawyers handles employment law cases involving unpaid wages and overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), unemployment benefits, Equal Pay Act claims, ERISA, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), wrongful termination, and discrimination. Our firm also provides representation for federal and state employees before the EEOC, MSPB, administrative agencies, and state and federal courts. For employees who are about to be terminated or who are about to leave their employment, we can aggressively negotiate severance packages. We also assist clients with contract matters, including reviewing non-compete agreements and negotiating or reviewing severance agreements.

Time is of the essence! Fight for your rights.

There is a time limit on filing claims for unpaid wages, overtime, discrimination, unlawful job actions and unfair or illegal treatment in the workplace. It can be heartbreaking to speak to someone who appears to have a legitimate claim, but the short window of opportunity for making the claim has “closed” by the time they contact us. If you are unclear about the time you have, or of the process, call to speak to one of our Employment Law attorneys. You can also call if your case is already progressing through the procedural stages. You do not have to handle it alone. Call today to get an experienced employment lawyer on your side.

If you are seeking representation for an employment law claim, call our firm as soon as possible by either phone or contact us by e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation.